Working with tags

You may want to join contacts that belong to different groups, but have something in common. This would work complementary to groups.

For example, you want to create a list people that you send cards for Christmas, while some of them are friends and relatives, others are business associates. Since a contact may only belong to one group, this is a bit problematic, and here tags come in handy.

Tags provide another way to join contacts, with no limitations. One contact may have as many tags as you want, and contacts from different groups may have the same tag.

To create a new tag, rename or delete tags:

When adding a tag, make sure that a new tag name is not a part of another tag, and any other tag is not a part on the new tag. If that happens, the result of filtering by selected tag(s) can be ambiguous.

If you delete a tag, it will be removed from all those contacts that it was assigned to.

To assign a tag to contacts:

To assign or remove tags from the Contact Editor, use drop-down list Tags :

Here you can assign several tags at the same time.

To remove a tag from one or more contacts:

When deleting a tag, make sure that you are not selecting the top item ALL TAGS on the left pane. In that case, no tags will be deleted. The reason is that it is problematic to determine which tags should be deleted, and the program does not allow to delete all the tags at once.

When you are on the Tags tab, you can perform all the same operations as on the Groups tab, while Tags provide a different view of contacts grouped by tags. Keep in mind though that Search here is limited to only those contacts that have tags.

Filter by multiple tags:

When you select multiple tags, you will see the list of contacts having any of the selected tags. There is also an option to filter only those contacts that have a combination of all the selected tags: