Make phone calls

Phone Link requirements and setup
Setup in E-Z Contact Book
Make phone call

E-Z Contact Book uses Microsoft app Phone Link to make phone calls. Phone Link app is available in Windows 10 and 11.
It works as follows:

Phone Link requirements and setup

Setup in E-Z Contact Book

Open Settings > Preferences > 'Phone formatting and links' option in E-Z Contact Book and check the box 'Show phone numbers as hyperlinks to make calls via Phone Link'. You should see now that all the phone numbers in Contact Details are turned into clickable hyperlinks:

Make a phone call

Click the phone number hyperlink:

What should happen:

  1. If the default program to make phone calls is not yet set up in Windows, you may see a dialog prompting you to select one. Select Phone Link. If another program opens at this point, you may need to change protocol association to use Phone Link as follows:
    • Open Windows Settings > Apps > Default Apps
    • Scroll down the list and select the option 'Choose default by link type' (apps and protocols are listed alphabetically)
    • Find TEL protocol. Change the associated default app to Phone Link
  2. If Phone Link already is the default program for TEL protocol, it will be launched automatically
  3. Phone Link is launched but asks to connect your mobile device and PC. Click the Connect button

Once your mobile device and Phone Link are connected (paired), the phone number that you click in E-Z Contact Book should appear on the Phone Link keypad. Now click the green button 'Call' to dial:

Note: At this point, you may see a selection of audio output devices on your phone. By default, it will probably be an audio device on your computer.

Call in progress: