Privacy Policy

This website is owned and operated by Dmitri Karshakevich, based in Canada. I take your privacy seriously. I need to keep some of your data (email communication and license registration information) in order to support the software. But I keep this information secure and only use it for the specific reason for which it was provided to me.

Website and Analytics

This website does not collect any user data, it was created only to provide information about E-Z Contact Book. Google Analytics cookies are used to track visits to this website to help monitor and improve the website and to develop website content. This analytics data is not tied to any personal information. For more information about Google Analytics, please visit

Email Communication

I retain emails sent to so that I can provide the best possible support. The email server is hosted by Google. In case an error is captured by the program it provides you with the option to send an error report to the support email. This is optional, and you can view the data before sending it. These error reports provide valuable details to help identify and fix bugs in the program.

License Key database

If you purchased a license key, it it stored in the License Key database. License key database stores customer names, email addresses, date of purchase, and online registration dates. Information on customer hardware is not collected or stored. Data from the License Key database is not sold or shared with third parties. This information is retained so that I can:


When you purchase a license, the payment is processed by a worldwide online payment system PayPal. PayPal passes some of your information on to me, such as name, email address, transaction ID and date, receipt number, and purchase amount.
I retain this information so that I can:

PayPal does not send any of your financial details (e.g. your credit card number).

E-Z Contact Book data security

E-Z Contact Book does not send contact data to the application developer or this website. The program stores contact data in a single file located in your personal user folder (C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\E-Z Contact Book). The user folder is only accessible by a user with your username and password (if you set up one).
Users with a different account on the same computer can also use E-Z Contact Book but do not have access to your E-Z Contact Book data. They will have their own databases.
Auto-backup files by default are also saved in the user area (subfolder C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\E-Z Contact Book\Backup).
If you want to backup E-Z Contact Book elsewhere, change the default Backup location, export data to a file, it is your responsibility to ensure that this location is secure.
A general rule to protect your E-Z Contact Book data (as well as any other personal files) is to set a password on your user account on the computer, so it requires a sign-in while you are away.

Using Sync with Google Contacts

When you use Sync in E-Z Contact Book, you share your contact data with Google as an intermediate online storage. For more details about Google Privacy, please visit Google Privacy Terms.
Login to Google from E-Z Contact Book is similar to login in a web browser. The program uses secure OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization, and does not store your Google password. Data transmission is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL).

Privacy Policy Updates

This privacy policy can be updated to reflect changes to the business as it pertains to the information collected and used.


If you have any further questions about privacy, please contact us.