Print contact information

Print single Contact Details
Print the contents of the entire book or a selected group or a tag
Print Notes

Print single Contact Details

Right click anywhere in the Contact Details area (right panel of the main window), and select Print... option. Or simply click Ctrl + P shortcut. It will open Print Preview vindow with the contents of the Contact Details section:

In the Print Preview window you can change page layout, font, and other print options.

Print the contents of the entire book, or a selected group, or a selected tag, or selected contacts

Click the toolbar button , and select from the drop-down menu what you would like to print:

Print submenu options " Table" and " List" allows you to choose the format of the printout:

When you choose " Table" print option, you will see the following Print Setup screen before displaying the print preview:

This screen allows you to select the columns you want to print, their order, and the font size. You can save paper by reducing the number of columns and the font size.

Note that the following columns are combinations of individual columns:

If you use a search filter or select a certain group or tag, the result will contain only the filtered part of the contact book. In other words, only contacts you see in the table will be printed.

When you click 'Print Preview', the program will generate a web page with contact information, and open it in your default web browser. You can then select print options: layout, number of pages or copies, etc.

Print Notes

To print Notes:

This will open print preview window: