Enter new or edit existing contacts

  • Before adding the very first contact, make sure you have created at least one contact group - when you have just installed the program, the database may be completely empty.

To create a new contact record (card), select a contact group, click the "New Contact" button in the tool bar and it will open the contact editor.
To edit a contact record selected in the table, double click on the table, or press Enter. The contact editor will open. It has four pages:

Contact Editor pages




The Notes page is used to edit notes as plain text. The Notes area has standard text editing options - Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete selected text, and also Undo and Redo last operation. Corresponding key shortcuts are also supported: Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Del, Ctrl+A, and Ctrl+X.

Alternatively, Notes can be edited using the buttons Edit Notes and Add Note at the bottom of the main screen, below the Contact Details pane.


Page Reminders is used to setup advance reminders for birthdays and other events. See more details in the section Using reminders.

Once you have finished entering data for a new contact, you can click Add new contact at the bottom if you have more new contacts to enter. This will save all your changes, and open a new contact card.

The link Copy to a new contact allows you to greatly reduce the amount of data entry when you are creating records for the members of the same family, or employees of the same company. In that case, most of the data (address, phone numbers) are the same. When you click this link, it will save your changes (if you have any), create a new contact card with copy of the address, phone numbers, and emails.
All you left to do is to enter the person's name, and correct or delete data that doesn't belong to the new contact.

It is important to know that only data from Personal or Business page is being copied. Which page is being copied is determined by the group type the contact belongs to. For example, if a contact belongs to a business-related group, then only data from Business page will be copied. For non-business contact, data will be copied from the Personal page.

Editing Notes

Other than from the Notes page in the contact editor, you can edit Notes in a separate Notes editor window. There are two buttons to open Notes editor: Edit Notes and Add Note:

These two options work as follows:

Two modes are available in the Notes editor:

Creating hyperlinks to files

You can add a clickable hyperlink to a file in your file system. To do that, simply drag a file from the file explorer and drop it into the Notes editor window. The link will be automatically created at the current position of the editor cursor. This method enables you to "attach" documents, pictures, or other files to the contact notes. But it has two limitations:

  • For your convenience, you can resize the Notes editor, and move it away from the main program window. The program will open the editor with the same size and at the same location next time you open it.
  • Also, navigation buttons allow you to edit notes for multiple contacts without leaving the Notes editor.

Auto-formatting phone numbers ***

Program has the option to auto-format local and international phone numbers to save your time and simplify data entry. Using auto-formatting means that you can enter phone numbers to type numbers only, without entering any punctuation (plus sign +, spaces, dashes, or brackets). Phone numbers will be formatted automatically, as soon as you enter the complete number with its area code, and the number of digits reaches the number corresponding to one of the preset formats (local or International). In that case, any punctuation characters will be removed from the phone number when it is stored in the database.

For example, when the format for the local phone numbers is set as (000) 000-0000 and you enter the number 1234567890, it will be auto-formatted and displayed as (123) 456-7890.
Similarly, if international auto-formatting is ON and the format is set as +000 00 000-00-00, when you enter 123456789012, it will be auto-formatted as +123 45 678-90-12.

You can change the default phone number format (000) 000-0000 if the format used in your country is different - please see Phone auto formatting in the section Program Options. Leading plus sign + is not required for the local phone numbers and cannot be used in the local phone format. When entering phone numbers that do not correspond to either local or international formats, you still can enter plus sign + or punctuation (spaces, dashes, brackets).

*** You can turn auto-formatting OFF if you live in a country with irregular formatting of phone numbers - see corresponding page in the Program Options. In this case, you can enter phone numbers with your own formatting.

Restrictions ***

There are only two reasonable restrictions when editing contact records: