Calendar View

Calendar view allows you to review upcoming events (birthdays and other reminders) that you have entered, edit them, or delete those events that are expired.

You can open the Calendar view in two ways:

Each Calendar view has two modes - Month view and Year view.
Month view:

Year view:

You can navigate forward and backward by month (in Month view) or year (Year view) using the arrow buttons on top of the calendar. To quickly return to the current month or year, use 'Go to Today' button at the right top corner. To return from Calendar view to the Contacts, click highlighted in orange menu option '< Back to Contacts'.

Birthdays are marked in red, all other events in orange color. Those events that are expired have grey tag, active events have lime tags. Due to limited cell size, you may not be able to see complete description of the event. But when you hover mouse cursor over the event, you can see the complete text in a tooltip.

By default, the Calendar view shows all the events within the selected time frame. But the internal Calendar view has an additional feature: it will filter only events for the contacts from the selected group or groups. If you select ALL CONTACTS, events will not be filtered.

You can edit a selected event either by double clicking on it, or using right click menu option 'Edit'. This will open Reminder editor window. And you can also delete selected event using right click menu option 'Delete'. If applicable (a contact reminder has an email), you can also send email to a selected contact.