Program options

The program has number of configuration options that you can adjust from the Settings menu:

Set program font

Settings > Set Font.. option allows you to increase or decrease font size, or select font type from the list of fonts available in the operating system. You can also use the Font drop-down list in the right top corner of the program.

TIP: The easiest way to increase or decrease the font size is to scroll mouse wheel up or down while holding Ctrl key.

Set style

You can adjust program appearance to your color taste by selecting one of the Style options in the drop-down list in the right top corner of the program.

Set visible columns and specify Name order

Settings > Set Columns.. option allows you to select which columns to display in the table, and also specify Name order to display in the Name column. The following options are available:

Button "Reset to default" will set only three most common columns visible : Name, Phone No, and Mobile.
Alternatively, you can hide any column, or open "Set Columns" screen by right clicking your mouse when cursor is on the title row of the table:


Preferences screen has the following pages:



This page has the following options:

You can test the alert window after you change a setting by ckicking the button "Show Popup Alert".
Individual reminders can be stopped at any time by clicking on the alert window.


Here you can specify if you want to backup program database automatically (this option is ON by default), how frequently, location of the backup files, and maximum number of backup files in the selected backup folder. Older backup files that exceeded the max. number of files will be automatically deleted at the time of scheduled auto-backup.

Editor options

When "Run in view-only mode" checked, you will not be able to edit any contacts. This option may be suitable for some companies where only person is allowed to keep the database records.
Other options help you editing/entering a large number of contacts by automatically turning entered text in the correct case.
For example, when "Leading UPPERCASE in First and Last Name" is checked and you enter the name as 'sarah o'connor', it will be automatically changed to 'Sarah O'Connor'. That way, with proper setup you will not need to use Shift key on the keyboard.
Here you can also specify default State/Province/County and Country that will be automatically populated in a new contact

Print mail envelopes and address labels

See the guide section Print mail envelopes and address labels for more details

Phone formatting

See detailed explanation on the page Auto-formatting phone numbers

Here you can specify the following options:

Sync with Google Contacts

Here you can specify the following options: