Send emails

E-Z Contact Book works with any default email program installed on your computer - Microsoft Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, or alike. The default email program has to be installed and configured.

Single Email Messages

To send an email, click the "Send Email" button, or use the menu option Contacts > Send Email, or simply click the hyperlink in the Contact Details.

The program will open your default mail program (Outlook/Thunderbird/Netscape Mail, etc.) and pre-fill "To:" email address.

When a contact card has more than one email, you will see the following dialog where you can select which one to include in the email list, for example:

  • This option is disabled when the selected contact does not have an email address.
  • This option will not work if you don't have an email program installed on your computer (for example if you access your email account directly from a web browser)

Group Email Messages

To send an email to multiple contacts (group email), select the number of contacts, or an entire group and click the "Send Email" button. The "To:" email list will include email addresses from all the selected contacts.

Since individual contacts may have more than one email, the filter "Email types" allows you to select the desired type of email addresses - Personal, Business, or All:

You can uncheck individual email addresses from the list, and they will not be send to the email program.

You can also specify whether to send emails using To, Cc (carbon copy), or Bcc (blind carbon copy) options.