Export contact data

E-Z Contact Book has five options to export data to :

You can export either entire contact book, or content of a selected group, or filtered part of it in a single file of your format choice. Generally, all (and only those) contacts that you currently see in the table will be exported.

Export to Microsoft Outlook

Exporting contacts to Microsoft Outlook is very straightforward: select menu option Data > Export > to Outlook.

Be careful not to export to Outlook more than once, or you may get a double set of all the contacts in Outlook.

If for any reason you are getting a compatibility error when exporting to Outlook, see instructions here on how to resolve it.

Export to CSV (comma-separated) files

To export the contact book to a comma-separated text file, select the Data > Export > to Text File (comma Separated Values) menu option.

If you use a search filter or select a certain group, only the filtered part of the contact book will be exported.

The exported file can be used as a backup, or to import the data to another software that accepts CSV files.

Export to Google CSV files

A Google CSV file is a comma-delimited file with a specific Google format. It can be imported to your Google account, which allows you to securely store and access all your contacts online.

To export to a Google CSV file, select Data > Export > ..to Google CSV File. It will then open the Save File dialog with the file name Export from E-Z Contact Book_Google.csv.

Once the file is saved, you can import data to your Google account as follows:

  1. Sign in to Google Contacts section of your Google account (if you don't have one, obviously you cannot use this feature):

  1. Click the option More on the left panel, below list of groups to expand it, then Import :

You will see the following dialog:

  1. Select the file you have exported, then click Import, and Google will import the contacts from the file. You can later export the data back, and import to E-Z Contact Book.

  2. One more step may be required if you have previously imported contacts to Google : merge duplicates. If you click on a contact group in Google, you may see a text like this :

Click the link "Find & merge duplicates". In the following view, you can review the details for each duplicate and make a decision whether you want it to merge, or merge contacts altogether by clicking Merge button. Google is smart enough to resolve the differences based on the date stamp.

You can find more information on import contacts to Gmail on this Google support page.

Export to vCard files

The program exports to vCard files version 3.0. To export to a vCard file, select Data > Export > ..to vCard File. It will open the Save File dialog with the file name Export from E-Z Contact Book.vcf. All the contacts that are listed in the table will be exported. Note that the vCard format does not contain information about groups (Group name).

Advanced Export

Advanced export provides you more flexibility compared to regular export. Here you can :

Examples of advanced export:



The Advanced Export option is located in the main menu Data > Export... > Advanced Export. It opens the following configuration screen:

Export reminders to iCalendar files

You can export reminders to an iCalendar file. This file format is used and supported by many software products, including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar (formerly iCal), IBM Notes, Yahoo! Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird, and others. Exported file can be imported into any of these software products.
To export reminders, select Data > Export.. > ..To iCalendar File, and then one of three options (Birthdays, Other Reminders, All Reminders):