Use program shortcuts

If you use the program frequently, the following shortcuts can help save you time editing contacts:

Key combination Action
CTRL + N New contact
Enter (return), or double click Edit contact
CTRL + Del Delete contact(s) or delete group
ESC Clear the search, or close a window without saving
CTRL + E Send an email
CTRL+ P Print contact list (opens Print Setup screen)
ALT + D Edit notes
ALT + A Add or append a new note
CTRL + scroll mouse wheel up/down Increase or decrease font size
Contact Details area:
CTRL + A Select all text
CTRL + C Copy selected text to the clipboard
CTRL + P Print Contact Details text (opens Print Preview screen)
Contact Editor and Notes Editor:
ALT + Home Navigate to the first contact (same as button First)
ALT + End Navigate to the last contact (same as button Last)
ALT + Arrow Left Navigate to the previous contact (same as button Previous)
ALT + Arrow Right Navigate to the next contact (same as button Next)

Notes editor has a context menu with standard editing options that are used in most text editors, and supports standard editing shortcuts as follows: