Add extra fields

You can add extra fields to your contact records if number of standard fields is not enough.
To add an extra phone number, email, URL, or address, just click the corresponding link:
It will add a new field and a label on the left. When you add a new address, you have to first enter address name in the following dialog:

and then you can enter a new address on the new tab.

There is no limit on the number of extra fields. When they go out of the visible screen area, a vertical scroll bar will appear. You can either resize the editor window, or scroll up and down to see the hidden fields. All extra fields appear in the Contact Details pane on the main program window.

Once you have added an extra field, you may also pick a corresponding label from the drop-down list on the left. Or you can type in your own label if you select 'Other':

Please also note that if you clear an extra field or address, it will not be saved when you close the editor. This way, the display will not be cluttered by unused fields. But empty standard fields will remain.